Welcome to How To Be Self(ish).

I, the rather unhealthy (in many ways) writer Lauren McMenemy, commit, here and now, to sending this (at least) weekly as a way to track my progress towards becoming my own priority. I promise to be horribly, morbidly honest about what’s going on with me while protecting the names of the innocent. This is unfettered, unedited, untamed. I will spew forth onto the digital page whatever is going on for me that week, and I’ll hit send before I have time to brew second thoughts.

Big, hard conversations and decisions are on the way alongside (let’s hope!) big, amazing new things to celebrate and be grateful for. 

Want to join me on the journey?

This is my journey towards becoming my own priority. Towards learning how to say no, to put myself first, to look after myself better. Towards self-care so that I can stick around to help and support the things and people that matter most to me.

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One woman's journey towards becoming her own priority


Lauren plays with words both professionally & for pleasure. She writes spooky stories, geeks out about pop culture, and works as a freelance content strategist. See: wherelaurenwrites.com